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This website is managed by SC CITY SHOP SRL, a company being registered with the Trade Registry under no. J40/18783/ 2007 and having the revenue identification code RO 22534743, phone 0733.371.117, e-mail

SC CITY SHOP SRL endeavors to keep the information on the SITE as correct as possible. However, taking into consideration possible errors regarding such information, SC CITY SHOP SRL declares that the image of the products has an informative character, and that the delivered products can be different in any respect, in comparison to the respective images, i.e. due to the modifications of the characteristics, of the design, whereas such modifications can be made without a previous notification from the manufacturers. At the same time, certain characteristics or the price of the respective products, which have been displayed on the SITE, can be modified by SC CITY SHOP SRL with no previous notice, or they can contain processing errors.

At the same time, taking into consideration the available space and the coherence of the information structure, there can be sometimes incomplete descriptions of the products. Nevertheless, SC CITY SHOP SRL makes efforts to present the most relevant information according to art. 3 from the Government Ordinance OG 130 / 2000.

The discounts/offers which are presented on the SITE are valid until stocks last.

THE SITE can contain also links to other sites. SC CITY SHOP SRL is not responsible for the confidentiality policy of such sites or for any other information indicated on such sites. In the content of the present document the terms used with capitals shall have the meanings which are indicated below, as far as the context does not indicate otherwise:

The USER: represents the person who enters the SITE, for private or professional purposes, and who accepts the Usage Terms of the present SITE, while fulfilling in such respect all the requirements of the registration procedure.

The CLIENT: represents the person who enters the SITE, for private or professional purposes, and who accepts the Usage Terms of the present SITE, while fulfilling in such respect all the requirements of the registration procedure, who initiates and ends an order.

The ABUSIVE USE: stands for using the SITE in a manner, which is not the standard practice of the respective area, which violates the regulations and the legislation in force or which can cause damage of any other nature to SC CITY SHOP SRL.

The ORDER: represents an electronic document, which is generated after a CLIENT accesses the SITE as a form of communication between SC CITY SHOP SRL and the CLIENT.

The AGREEMENT: represents an ORDER, which is confirmed by SC CITY SHOP SRL, by which SC CITY SHOP SRL agrees to deliver to the CLIENT products and services, and the CLIENT agrees to make the payment regarding such products and services.

The USERS/ CLIENTS of this SITE are requested to carefully read the following usage terms and conditions. terms and conditions are considered to be minimal applicable provisions, whereas the usage of the SITE is subjected to the general provisions of the legislation in force.

The usage terms and conditions can be modified at any time by means of updating the present SITE, such modifications becoming compulsory with an immediate effect for all USERS/CLIENTS.

By accessing the SITE, the USERS agree to observe the terms and conditions which are presented in the following, as well as the legislation in force.



By initiating an ORDER on the SITE, the CLIENT agrees on the communication form (by phone or by e-mail), by which SC CITY SHOP SRL runs its operations within the SITE. In case SC CITY SHOP SRL confirms the fulfillment of an ORDER, such confirmation shall imply a full acceptance of the ORDER terms. The acceptance of the order by SC CITY SHOP SRL is considered to be finalized when there is an electronic confirmation (e-mail) from SC CITY SHOP SRL to the CLIENT. A confirmation of receipt from the letter shall not be necessary in this respect.

By placing an order, the user agrees with the prices which are displayed in the shopping cart or on the page for the finalization of the order, according to the case, as well as with all active discount offers at that particular time. The person, who places the order, can cancel the order at any time after making a phone notification to the order or return department. The orders, which have not been confirmed by the user, shall not be taken into consideration. The discount offers on the site cannot be cumulated. For any modification of an order, including the change of the delivery address, the user has the obligation of making a notification to the order or return department.

At no particular moment can SC CITY SHOP SRL take into consideration an unconfirmed ORDER as having the value of an AGREEMENT.

The present general sale terms and conditions shall be considered as the basis of the concluded AGREEMENT.



The object of the AGREEMENT constitutes the product/products and the services, for which the CLIENT expressed his/ her purchase option, by generating an ORDER on the SITE, whereas the respective order was confirmed by SC CITY SHOP SRL. The product/products shall have the characteristics indicated by SC CITY SHOP SRL on the SITE.



The price of the product / the products is that one indicated on the SITE. The price can be modified by SC CITY SHOP SRL, at any moment, with no further notice.

In order to be applicable, the price of the product has to be honest and serious. This way, SC CITY SHOP SRL issues a warning with regards to the fact that there can be situations, when - due to dysfunctions or errors on the SITE - the price displayed on the SITE may not be the real one. In such cases SC CITY SHOP shall inform the CLIENT about the correct price.

The price includes VAT as well as any other charge.



SC CITY SHOP SRL fulfills its contractual obligations within maximum 30 days from the date, on which it communicated the ORDER confirmation message to the CLIENT. In case the AGREEMENT cannot be fulfilled because the product is not available, SC CITY SHOP SRL shall inform the CLIENT about such situation.

SC CITY SHOP SRL can deliver to the CLIENT a similar product with the same price, in case the initial requested product is not available, but only after informing and receiving a confirmation from the CLIENT in this respect. delivered to the CLIENT by means of a courier service.



The price, the terms of payment and the payment deadline are indicated in the ORDER. SC CITY SHOP SRL shall issue to the CLIENT an invoice for the products and services which have to be delivered, and the CLIENT shall have the obligation of providing all the necessary data for the issuance of the invoice in observance of the law.

Payment in cash: The payment in cash shall be made in RON, in full amount, upon delivery. In case the product is delivered by a courier service, the payment of the products shall be made directly to the courier service, in exchange for an invoice.

SC CITY SHOP SRL warns its CLIENTS about the following: in case of a delivery by means of a courier service, this has no authorization from SC CITY SHOP SRL to allow the CLIENT to open the boxes before signing for the delivery, only after the delivery signature and after paying the counter value for the delivery. Thus, THE AGREEMENT enters into force at the confirmation of the ORDER by SC CITY SHOP SRL.

Online payment by card: The online payment can be made by means of your personal card or with the card of your company, under conditions of full security. The cards which are accepted for payment are the ones, which bear the logos of VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro, if the codes CVV2/CVC2 are provided).

No supplementary commission is charged for the transaction.

In order to correctly finalize the transaction one has to provide the card code (all the numbers from the four groups on the front side of the card, with no blanks), the date of expiry and the last three numbers from the back side of the card which are written on the signature strip (which can missing, according to the respective card).

Irrespective of the currency from the account, the transactions are made in RON, with the exchange rate of the CLIENT ́s bank.

Payment order: The payment by means of a payment order shall be made only after receiving the proforma invoice from SC CITY SHOP SRL, after having a phone confirmation of the order with a sales consultant. is made after the payment confirmation.

SC CITY SHOP SRL shall ensure the appropriate packaging of the goods and shall ensure the consignment of the accompanying documents to the CLIENT in observance of art. 155 (1) from the Taxation code.

SC CITY SHOP SRL shall make the delivery of the products and services only on the territory of Romania. The ownership over the products and services shall be transmitted to the CLIENT at the time of making the payment.



In case the size does not fit you, any product can be replaced FREE OF CHARGE right in the next day (in case you are in the coverage area of FanCourier, if not - within maximum 7 days).

We shall not bear the transport charges in case you want to change the product with another model, such action being taken on the basis that you changed your mind with respect to the chosen model or that you wanted to return the product and have your money refunded. The product has to be in its initial status, it shall not be worn or deteriorated in any way.

The product has to have its package box in the status of reception, with no deteriorations or stickers. For transport purposes you shall protect the box with another package so that the box is kept in the status in which you received it.

According to the applicable legislation, the consumer has the right of notifying the seller in writing about his waiver of purchase, with no penalties and without indicating a reason, within 10 business days from receiving the product, - or, in the case of service delivery, from the conclusion of the agreement, i.e. based on art. 7(1) from the Government Ordinance (OG) no 130 / 2000 concerning the consumer protection in the conclusion and implementation of distance contracts.

Therefore, the consumer has the right of returning the purchased product, with no penalties and without indicating a reason, within 10 business days from its reception. In such case, the direct expenditures for the return of the products shall be supported, according to the legal provisions, by the client.

We call the attention to the following fact, in case when the products, for which a return is requested, show deteriorated or incomplete packages, traces of wear, scratches, hits, missing accessories, we reserve our right to decide the acceptance of the return or to deduct an amount from the product value, amount which shall be communicated after the evaluation of the generated damages.

In case of a reimbursement of the product value, such reimbursement shall be made in maximum 30 days from the confirmation of the return.

The procedure for the return of products is as follows:

1. You make a call to 0733377755, an operator shall take your request and shall send a courier to you in order to fulfill the takeover of the products.

2. We do not take over packages from customers, which did not receive a previous approval.

3. Together with the package consignment we request you to send us an account number, in which we shall return your money.

4. The money shall be returned only in the respective account, within max. 30 days from the reception of the package.

The counter value of the supplementary services, which includes and is not limited to the transport of the products, shall be paid by the client and shall not be reimbursed.

In all cases, the expenditures for the return / re-sending shall be supported by the client, except for such situations in which: the packages show severe deteriorations or the products have been incorrectly delivered as well as in the situation, in which the products show manufacturing defaults, a situation in which SC CITY SHOP SRL shall support the counter value of the transport.

The products ARE NOT to be returned by means of the Romanian Post

Exceptions: The following product categories cannot be returned: a) Products manufactured based on the specifications of the consumer; b) Customized products;



SC CITY SHOP SRL shall deliver the products within the deadlines indicated for the ordered product, on the site, on the date of generating the ORDER, or in maximum 30 days from the date in which the CLIENT generated the ORDER, except for the situation in which the parties concluded another agreement.

In case SC CITY SHOP SRL is not able any more to fulfill the AGREEMENT based on the fact that the product or service is / was no longer available, the company shall notify the CLIENT about such unavailability and the money amounts which were paid by the CLIENT for the unavailable product or service should be reimbursed within maximum 30 days. the delivery terms cannot be observed, SC CITY SHOP SRL shall notify the CLIENT about the estimated deadline for the completion of the delivery.

In case, SC CITY SHOP SRL receives incorrect data about the invoicing or delivery of the products, SC CITY SHOP SRL may refuse to fulfill the delivery, without such thing to be considered as a breach of the AGREEMENT. SC CITY SHOP SRL may also set a new deadline for the fulfillment of the order.



SC CITY SHOP SRL processes personal data by collecting personal data from USERS/CLIENTS in order to fulfill its AGREEMENT and commits itself to observe the provisions of Law no. 677/ 2001 on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to the Processing of. Personal Data and the Free Movement of Such Data. SHOP SRL shall be stored in a data base and SC CITY SHOP SRL shall take all measures for their protection against any accidental or illegal destructions. which were collected from the CLIENTS, to the courier service, which shall make the delivery of the products, and also to the bank units, which shall process the online payments.




SC CITY SHOP SRL cannot be made responsible for any loss in case in which the loss is caused by the non-observance of the present terms and conditions / AGREEMENT and of the other instructions indicated on the SITE. SC CITY SHOP SRL is not responsible for the damages created as a consequence of the non-functionality of the SITE and also for such damages, resulting from the impossibility of accessing certain links, which are available on the SITE.

SC CITY SHOP SRL is not responsible for damages of any kind, which may incur to the CLIENT or to any other third party, as a consequence of using the products and services after delivery, and especially for the loss of products.

The WARRANTIES. The products are new, in original packages and they originate from sources, which have been authorized by each individual manufacturer.

The complaints regarding the deficiencies of the purchased product/products can be submitted by accessing the contact form.

ACTS OF GOD Neither of the parties shall be responsible for non-performance of its contractual duties, if such non- performance is due to acts of god, in observance of the applicable legislation.

The APPLICABLE LAW – The JURISDICTION The AGREEMENT is subject to the Romanian law. The possible disputes which may arise between SC CITY SHOP SRL and the CLIENT shall be settled in a friendly manner. If this is not possible, the litigations shall be solved by the competent Romanian courts of law from Bucharest.

The INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. All materials which are integrated in this SITE are the intellectual property of SC CITY SHOP SRL. These materials cannot be copied or multiplied, except for the period in which they have to be seen online. However, full pages of the SITE may be printed if they are used for strict personal purposes. the applicability of the aspects indicated above, SC CITY SHOP SRL may occasionally offer the opportunity of downloading background photos, screensavers and other applications from the SITE.



Under personal data one understands any data regarding an identified or identifiable natural entity; an identifiable person is such person who can be identified, in a direct or indirect manner, in particular by referring to an identification number or to one or more factors, which are specific to his/her physical, physiognomic, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity. The processing of personal data represents any operation or set of operations, which is applied for personal data, by means of automated or non-automated instruments, such as collection, registration, organization, storage, adaptation or change, extraction, consultation, usage, disclosure to third parties by transmission, dissemination or in any other manner, juxtaposition or combination, blocking, deletion or destruction.

SC CITY SHOP SRL registers only such personal data which were given by the guest / USER / CLIENT in a voluntary According to the requirements of the Law no. 677/2001 on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to the manner. Processing of. Personal Data and the Free Movement of Such Data, in the modified and completed version, SC CITY SHOP SRL has the obligation of managing the personal data, which are provided by the USERS/CLIENTS, under safe conditions and only for the indicated purposes. accesses the SITE.

SC CITY SHOP SRL shall not collect personal data about the USERS/CLIENTS (name, address, phone or e-mail) (in the following referred to as "personal data"), except for the situation in which the USERS/CLIENTS themselves communicate such data.

By means of the registration on the SITE/placement of an ORDER and of filling out the personal data in the registration forms, the USERS/CUSTOMERS declare that they agree for all their personal data to be included in the data base of SC CITY SHOP SRL and they express their explicit and non-equivocal agreement for their personal data to be stored and used for the following purposes:

• marketing activities by receiving informative or commercial messages (offers, discounts, advertisement and marketing messages regarding the activity of SC CITY SHOP SRL and of third parties, with which SC CITY SHOP SRL has any kind of relations, including the partner sites,,, in the e-mail addresses, which were communicated to SC CITY SHOP SRL,

• participation in competitions, discount campaigns;

• sending non-commercial or administrative messages (regarding changes within the site, management actions, etc.);

• internal statistics which are necessary for improving the quality of the provided services and of the images within the SITE and for the creation of new characteristic elements, discount campaigns, new functions and services; SC CITY SHOP SRL observes the right of data confidentiality for every person, who

• in order to ensure the entry to sections with a limited access of the SITE;

• market researches;

• follow up of sale data. SuperPantofi.RO uses a system of recommendations, which cannot be considered as spam, because they contain, according to the provisions of CANSPAM Act/2003 and of Law no. 365/2002, all the necessary identification data and instructions for the unsubscription. The e-mail addresses, which are associated with the recommendation originate directly from the e-mail address of the respective person, who makes the recommendation. By accepting the terms and conditions such person is responsible for the recommendations he / she is making. In case you do not agree with the terms and conditions above, or in case you do not want to receive informative or commercial messages any longer, you can unsubscribe at any time by accessing this link.

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